Sunday, March 18, 2012


34 weeks, near entering my 35th. It won't be long! I'll soon be introducing you to my beautiful baby Aria.

Hubby and I had our preggy photo shoot this weekend. We checked in at Discovery Suites with his camera and lights - the works! I love, love, love the photos he took of me and I can't wait to post them soon!

In a few weeks, I'll be saying goodbye to pregnancy, and honestly, I'm gonna miss it so! Yes, even the restless nights and the contractions and not fitting into my clothes. Because along with all those came perks like parking at the PWD slots and people being extra nice and courteous. What I'll miss the most is having Aria all to myself, feeling her kicks and wiggles and squirms inside me. Those moments were all so precious!

I'll show you some of my preggy shots as soon as they're ready. And pretty soon, this blog will be filled with photos of a new star - Aria!


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