Sunday, March 2, 2008

A funny conversation between me and my beau:

Anne: Honey, is there any chance you're going to turn gay?
(I asked this because he was repeatedly doing this gay gesture I showed him that
originally came from a gay DJ I was with a couple of weeks ago.)

Alvin: No baby.

Anne: Ok, you tell me as early as now if you're going to turn gay. So that I can leave you and look
for someone else while I'm still young and beautiful. Wala ng magkakagusto sa akin pag
matanda na ako.

And his winner line goes...

Honey, any man would fall in-love with you.

Aww... Thanks baby. That was really nice. Love you! :)


And here's another one I find funny...

Anne: Hon, buti na lang magaling tayo mag english.

Alvin: Bakit?

Anne: Eh kasi pwede tayo magsalita while doing "it." We can mutter words in english. Imagine if you had to say tagalog words during sex. That wouldn't really sound so good.

Then we laugh.


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