Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wave 891's New Look!

We really had to wait for our 7th Anniversary to finally realize that our old logo didn't work for us anymore. So now Wave 891 has a brand new, smashing, kick-ass logo.

PLUS! Check out our Anniversary CD, which we'll be giving away on March 28 during our celebration at the Central Plaza of Eastwood City. The songs are great. And the whole look and feel of the package - ASTIG!

We had a prictorial a couple of weeks ago to prepare for the CD cover and all. We made sure it was very R&Bish, totally different from the look of our previous pictures. Here's a sample to give you an idea of what our new pics are gonna look like...

women of wave women of wave

Weird setting huh? Wait 'til you see the real thing on our CD and website. :)

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Sakai said...

love ur station