Saturday, March 15, 2008


yey neyo

We watched Neyo's concert at the Araneta Coliseum last March 1. Although the event was very simple (in fact it looked more like a gig than a concert), Neyo was absolutely terrific! He sang all his big hits and made the crowd go wild.

at the neyo concert race to neyo winners
At the Neyo concert with co-djs Janice and Pam; Race to Neyo winners enjoying the night with us

After the concert, we all went to E Bar in Edsa Shangri-La for the after-party. I didn't get to shake Neyo's hand, but I still had a great time. :)

at the neyo after party
At the Neyo After Party. Wave 891 jocks with Kenjohns of the Phil. All Stars and Lambert of Jam 88.3


Hon wanted to get a pair of new Chucks. AND he wanted to get a pair for me, too. I'm not really a jeans-and-sneakers type of girl so I hesitated at first. But since he's buying, I thought, what the heck! Let's do it!

Meet Shoezey and Shoezers...

shoezey and shoezers

Thanks honey! :)


besty date

During one of our besty dates, Len and I discovered this fantastic restaurant in Shangri-La called CAFE PROVENCAL. It's not a new place actually. It's been there for the longest time. It was only now that we decided to try it out. And we made the perfect choice.

love this
Crisp baguette slices with creamy pesto dip

calamansi soda
Fresh Calamansi soda

quatro formaggio
Quattro Formaggio pizza - this was simply heavenly! The crust was crisp and thin, the layers of cheese were soft and chewy.

testing her soup
Len enjoying her pumpkin soup. The fresh tomato soup I had was just as good.

The food...delicious. The quality and taste...excellent. The ambience and service...delightful. I was so pleased that I brought my beau there two days after. I told him the Salmon Risotto was really good, so he tried it and was not disappointed.

salmon risotto
Their salmon risotto - magnifique!

greek salad
Greek Salad - very much enjoyed this!

cafe provencal
I forgot the name of this delectable Shrimp and Garlic pizza. But it was really good!

Shangri-La Mall. Level 2.


March 14. My besty Len and I conducted a Radio Workshop at Holy Family School, our alma mater. Len put together a really good and extensive outline for the 4-hour workshop. We were able to share our knowledge and skills to the students, who were all eager to learn.


Radio Workshop at Holy Family School

Thank you!

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