Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bon Samedi!

I initiated a "wear red" Saturday for a picture-taking session with my French 1 classmates. Everyone wore red today, yey! Even our teacher Cindy. Except for the guy in yellow, who was absent the previous meeting and was not informed. But that's ok. We had fun anyway. :)

The most beautiful French class in UP. :)

As promised, I brought chips to share during our breaktime. I was gonna take pictures while we had our 20-minute "bonding," but my fingers were all greasy from eating Lay's so I couldn't hold my cam. :) Next week, we agreed to prete un shirt bleu (I don't remember if that's the right way to say wear a blue shirt), and bring food to share again for breaktime. Saya! Parang high school. :)


Apre la classe, I met up with Pam for lunch that turned into a whole-day date!


1. Panini, pasta and fondue at Xocolat in Eastwood.
2. Shopped for undies at I Love Cocco.
3. Shopped for dresses at Preview and the "Hip" store that Pam wanted to check out.
4. Ice cream at Dairy Queen. Pam got a Mud Pie Blizzard, I got a hot fudge sundae which she said was "baduy." :)
5. Shopped for maxi dresses at Details Trading.

mukha kaming flag :)
We bought identical dresses of different colors. We'll wear them on the same day para mukha kaming Philippine flag. :)

6. Played at the arcade! Saya! We were loving this game where the mice come out from holes and you slam them with this thing that looks like a hammer. Nakakatanggal ng stress yun as in! We slammed away while a group of college boys doing videoke watched us from inside their glass booth. :) After spending about 400 bucks each, we traded in our tickets for cheap goodies that made us look like happy little girls.

Pam is an avid Mickey Mouse fan, so we both got this. I thought it was a keychain. Pang cellphone pala. It would look a bit funny on my Atom, so I just placed mine on my dashboard. :)

7. We had our pictures taken at Neo Print! Panalo! High school na high school! :) Grabe, ang mahal na ng Neo Print ngayon. And hi-tech na! Nung panahon namin, less than a hundred lang yun, and you couldn't put stamps or write on the pics back then. Ang tanda na namin. Buti na lang hindi halata. :)

8. Passed by Skin 101 to have a tiny pimple injected. (Sayang sa needle, pero oc-oc ako sa face.)

9. Stayed at Starbucks at the Corinthian Clubhouse 'til 10pm.


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caryn said...

french! coolness! i get toungue-tied everytime i try it. hahaha! my mom syas its my dad's visayan blood ;-) hahahah!

seriously when the hubby and i were in france for our honeymoon, it was torture trying to pronounce names of places! it was easier to just point them out on a map.

hehehe. buti na lang japanese pronunciation is close to tagalog. otherwise i'd be in big trouble ;-)