Monday, July 7, 2008

Bon week-end!

Enjoying my French class very much. It just gets really hot in the classroom because there isn't any air conditioning. But I'm still having a good time and this Saturday, I took out my camera and asked my classmates to smile for my blog! :)

French 1-C

French 1-C
Our teacher, Cindy, is the lady behind me in the black-and-white-print top. She's very nice and pleasant, and was game to have our "class picture" taken, even if it wasn't our last day in class. :)

Before all this, the only french words I knew were bonjour and au revoir. Now I know the days of the week, months of the year, count from 1 to 29 and even say short sentences with the correct french pronunciation! Saya! :)


I've been keeping my Fridays and Saturdays (my most dreaded days of the week) really, really busy. Going out with different people the whole day and coming home dead tired. Sayang sa gas pero carry lang, rather than having so much idle time by myself.

After my french class, I had lunch with my friend and colleague Pam. We met up at Chocolate Kiss and did some catching up over salpicao and mexican food.

Choc Kiss

Then I met up with Tita Mags and Tito Jessie at Max's Scout Tuazon where they were wrapping up a business meeting. We were supposed to watch Hancock at Trinoma, but when we got there, grabe ang daming tao! Hindi nakakatuwa! So we ended up a Starbucks, kwentuhan and yosi na lang, and picture-taking of course! :)

Tito Jessie and Josh
Tito Jessie and Josh at Max's Sct. Tuazon

Tito Jessie and Tita Mags
Tito Jessie and Tita Mags

At Trinoma
Tita Mags (marketing manager of Mossimo) is one of my very, very few close and trusted friends. And here we are at this very lovely part of Trinoma - with the pond, the plants and the perfect landscaping. Panira lang talaga yung mga... well, alam mo na.

And to end the day, I picked up my besty at Abs Cbn and we went to Shangri-la for a quiet dinner at Cafe Provencal and a movie. We went to see Wanted. (Now I desperately want to be two things: 1. To look like Angelina Jolie 2. To become an assassin.)


Grabbing every chance to be together, to find strength and solace in our bestfriendship.


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