Thursday, July 3, 2008

How you make me feel...

When he tells me I'm beautiful...

I believe him.

I see it in his eyes,
the way he looks at me,
with so much tenderness,
and his face melts in a smile,
and his gaze fills me with so much warmth, I blush.

He does not know his effect on me,
when he says I'm beautiful.
I am left speechless,
I cannot even say thank you,
but my heart starts to sing a thousand melodies.
He does not know,
but my soul takes flight
whenever he looks at me that way.

He doesn't even have to say he loves me.
His eyes give it away.
He looks at me,
and I know.

He tells me I am beautiful,
and he thinks I do not believe,
but I do.
I look in your eyes, baby,
and I do.

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