Thursday, June 26, 2008

One of the best things in life... having someone to sing Air Supply with.

Yes, my good friend Ida and I both love the songs of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock.
(and Aerosmith and Jon Bon Jovi!)

at il pirata

at il pirata

Dinner at Il Pirata. (The codfish-and-anchovies pizza was terrific!) Went to see Made of Honor afterwards. (Which we both loved.) Then capped it off with a good smoke, Starbucks Zen Iced Tea and thoughts about love, life and men who do and do not treat women like shit.



Ida: Ready to order?
Me: Yup!

(we both look at the waiter whose back was turned to us)

Me: (with my best flirting tone) Hey cutie!

(the waiter turns)

Ida and Me: (giggling) Uy... tumingin siya!


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