Friday, June 6, 2008


I heard a local network will be doing a Philippine version of Lalola - an Argentinian comedy series.


Lalola tells the story of Lalo, a playboy transformed into a blonde chick, by a spell from a bitter ex-lover. With help from his female bestfriend Grace, who is secretly in-love with him, he will fight to recover his job and prestige, and will know how hard it is to be a woman when he starts to feel something for his male co-worker Facundo.

Guess what? That's actually one of the dubbing projects I'm doing right now. We're dubbing the original version to English, and it's being aired abroad. Cool huh? :)


In the dubbed version, I play the role of the bestfriend Grace, who's a radio announcer. Guess that's why I got the role. :)

Plus my second character is Victoria, a sexy blonde who's always on the prowl for good-looking men. The opposite of my character in real life. Except for the sexy part. :)

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