Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome home besty!

My besty is back from her dubai trip / raket! Yey! We met up for a quick lunch at the Podium. Since we both weren't hungry, we settled for crepes at UCC. It's the companionship that matters anyway!


Len bought a new cellphone in Dubai.

Len: Bumili ako ng bagong phone!
Me: Bumili ka ng phone? Eh paano 'pag nasira, saan mo papaayos?
Len: (slight pause) ...Ewan ko.


new phone

And her pasalubong for me was a really nice tube top that was a dark blue with tiny floral prints, which according to Edward was "so Annej!" :) Thanks bespren! Suotin ko na bukas! Yey!


Next besty date: Inuman at Janero again on Friday! Can't wait!


Martin, inuman ulit! Tara! :)

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caryn said...

uy! si len yun ah! hehehe. am a friend of edward's kasi. why can't i comment on her blog anymore?