Saturday, June 14, 2008


Went out with my besty's workmates last night. Len's radio show partner, Martin D, invited me to go drinking with them at Janero. I said yes but only if he'd treat me to two bottles of beer. Surprisingly, he agreed! Hindi kasi siya nanlilibre, according to Len. :)

So off we went drinking with da boys at Janero, which was a place I found quite enjoyable. Just about everything was good - the music, the food, the crowd (not too sosy, not jolog, just somewhere in between which was good kasi honestly I don't enjoy upscale bars that much, I find majority of the rich young people quite arrogant and irritating), and the company! Sobrang enjoy! :)

Len and I with Mike and Eric and I believe our 2nd bucket of beer. Or 3rd? Lost count. :)

First time ko sumama sa inuman nila. And first time ko to go drinking with new people. Len told me na makukulit yung mga WRR boylets, and ang kukulit nga! That's why I had such a great time! :)

We talked about love, marriage, sex, heartbreaks and a lot more personal stories until we were all drunk and sleepy. Saya!

Inuman at kulitan with WRR boys Mike, Erik and such-a-manager Martin D.

Ang kulit! :)

I haven't laughed that much in quite a while! And it was exactly what I needed.

And Martin (who moonlighted as Janero operations manager) was so gracious and maasikaso to me. Refilling my glass over and over with beer and ice, lighting up my cigs for me. Panalo! :)

Thanks guys! And thanks to my besty, too! Join ako ulit sa next inuman niyo ha? :)

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