Sunday, June 8, 2008

A whole day besty affair!

Both dateless on a beautiful Saturday, Len and I decided to spend time with the ones who never tire of our company - each other!

We were supposed to go to UP Diliman first so I could sign up for my French classes. Good thing I inquired Friday afternoon and found out that their office was closed during weekends. Ngek!

So after my boardwork, I picked up Len and off we went to our dear alma mater - University of Santo Tomas!

Back to our alma mater

Enrollment day for my besty. She's going to start her Masters in Communication this year. Nothing really special about enrolling, really. But if your bestfriend is there with you, laughing, reminiscing and taking pictures, it becomes so much fun! :)

Hmmm... Bonafide stude!

Now Len is a bonafide MA student! Hurray, besty! :)

And since we were already there, we decided to walk around (under the scorching noontime sun) and rekindle the memories of our oh-so-exciting college life, while appreciating our old home's new look!

The old TC Radio
The Health Service Bldg was truly memorable for us, for it was the home of TC Radio, where Len and I were part of the pioneer jocks. I was Angel, she was Nina, and together we hosted the sign-on show.

There used to be a stone bridge over a pretty big pond on this spot. Now goodbye old Colayco, hello sensational fountain! :)

Tinoco Park
Tinoco Park, just like old times.

Our big library
The Great Library where many researches were made! Where we edited our little documentary 'til the wee hours of the morning, and somebody else got the credit for it! Dibale, mas maganda na tayo sa kaniya ngayon. Hehehe :)

Where's Anghelo?
Where art thou Alden and Anghelo? The sacred Pav, where the gods of our hearts (back then) used to stay and smoke and look damn cute.

Europe? :) Central Park? :)
Europe? Central Park? We wish! That's actually just the Main Bldg and the park fronting the Main Bldg. :)

Where is Centinet
And hinanap namin where one of our old tambayans used to be - Centinet! Owned by the guy na naging crush ko dati (and I think naging crush din niya ako) Patrick. Hehehe :) Hi Pat!

Good Mixes
At dito kami nag-lunch! Where we used to have happy lunches with our friends Nadine, Kat, She and Naths. Mga mare, remember this place? Classic! :)

Good Mixes
Tindera: Bakit po kayo nagpi-picture?
Anne: Kasi po matagal na po kaming di nakakain dito. Eight years ago na po. Nung college pa kami.
Tindera: Ah talaga? (with a smile)
Anne: Mas maganda po kami ngayon kaysa nung college kami.

Yun naman! :)

Lunch at Good Mixes

After Uste, we decided to go to Eastwood to catch a flick. We went to see Kung Fu Panda! Super funny movie! It was exactly what we needed, considering the "issues of the heart" that we were going through. God was so kind to us, too. He gave us empty seats on both sides for our bags. Walang katabi, yey! And we didn't have to pay for it!

Starbucks Ice cream relief
Chillin' at Starbucks while waiting for the movie to start; ice cream and cheesecake after! Saya!

After Eastwood, we decided to treat ourselves to one of life's ultimate stress relievers - manicure and pedicure! And I knew the most perfect place - Lotus Hand and Foot Spa at the Podium. Pricey but oh-so-worth it!

Relaxing at Lotus Relaxing at Lotus

Final stop...McDo El Pueblo for dinner! Panalo!

Dinner at McDo

Besty bonding from 9:30 AM to 10:30 PM. Winner! :)

Remember the pact we made before, bespren? Mawala man ang mga boylet natin, ang bestfriend nandito pa rin! So true! And boy am I glad we got each other! :)


Claud said...

You give me hope na gaganda din ako after college, hahaha!

I hope to see Len more in school this sem. Wooh! :D

DJ Anne said...

Hehehe... we have money na kasi now (as working girls) to pay for our vanities! :)

Len's sched is every Saturday. baka magkita nga kayo kasi she's gonna be there from 11am to 8 pm if I remember her sched right. :)