Thursday, October 2, 2008

Events at Play Events + Prod. Inc.

We have kept quite silent about this for some time, and my besty even mentioned it in fleeting on her blog.

Now I officially reveal the reason why we have been so very busy the past few weeks. So busy we had to cancel our trip to Hong Kong.

My siblings and I, together with my bestfriend Len and my boyfriend Alvin, put up our very own events company. The company is named EVENTS AT PLAY.

Events at Play Inc.
Events at Play Team: Len Oliver, Adie Asis, Anthony Asis, Anne Asis and Alvin Carilo.

We have planned this about a year ago, and now, finally, we were able to turn the dream into reality. We are currently working on a big project, and that's what's eating up our time the past few weeks. Hopefully, all will turn out well. There are two more prospective projects waiting in the wing this year, and we're crossing our fingers and praying that come 2009, more projects will pour in.

Wish us luck!

Clowning around during last night's meeting: Alvin and Anthony with James of Wave 891.

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