Monday, October 20, 2008

Okay, so can I die now?

Down with the blues, I decided to skip work today as I didn't feel like sounding jolly on air at all. After voicing for Maxxx, I met up with my besty for late lunch at Gram's at ABS CBN. Then, it's as if God said, "You've been lonely for too long, my dear. Here's something that you truly deserve." And voila! The man of my dreams entered the restaurant! He knew Len from hosting gigs they've done before. So we were introduced, and he sat down beside me for a picture. (Because I was too dumbfounded to stand. My knees would fail me, I'm sure of it.)

And since this is my blog, I can say whatever I want, right? SANA MAHALIN NIYA AKO. :)

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Anonymous said...

lucky girl! ;)