Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Of starbucks and the spirit of Christmas...

I just uploaded music from the Starbucks Collections to my IPOD. Driving to work this morning, I had that playing on my stereo. The feeling was pleasantly peculiar. It felt like Starbucks inside my car! You know that steady feeling of calm you get soon as you step inside the coffee shop? And you hear those classic jazz and blues in the background? There, that's exactly how it felt inside my car as I drove. Nice. :)

Reminded me of the many times I stayed for hours and hours at the Starbucks shop at the Corinthian Clubhouse, enjoying my usual venti iced tea (with less ice) and a warmed cookie or a piece of cake, with a good book and cigarettes. My idea of the perfect "me" time.

God, I miss smoking! I've given it up for the sake of my skin. If it wasn't for that, there'd be a Dunhill Frost wedged delicately between my fingers right now. But it's vanity vs. vice. And for a woman, the need to look good will always win over anything.


I had my first taste of the Yuletide spirit today!

Before going to the station, I decided to make a stop at The Podium to have my legs threaded. Soon as I stepped out of the car, Christmas music wafted all around me in the parking lot. I felt giddy in an instant! I'm the type who just LOVES everything about Christmas. I was feeling quite low, too. The classic Holiday tunes the mall was playing was a perfect pick-me-up!

It was like God wanted me to go there for a feel-good moment. The lady who threaded my legs taught me how to do the threading thing by myself, can you imagine that? Now I can skip my weekly salon trips and just thread my legs at home while watching TV. How cool is that? Not to mention thrifty. :)

It felt wonderfully like Christmas as I went to the Shiseido counter for my regular fix of cleanser, eye cream and moisturizer. Making a purchase for yourself with classic Christmas music in the air was enough to lift me up from my not-so-good mood. Since I was feeling all good and Christmas-y, I went to Leonida's to grab a little bag of dark chocolates, for me and my partner, Rye, to share.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...



macy said...

hi. i got here through len's site. where in podium do you get legs threading? is it better than waxing?

DJ Anne said...

hi macy! at the podium, i either go to david's (when i'm on a budget) or lotus (when i feel like splurging). actually legs threading is done in almost all salons. it takes longer hours compared to waxing though so don't try it when you're in a hurry. i like it better than waxing because i don't have to grow the hairs for weeks. so i can wear shorts any time i want. :)