Monday, October 13, 2008

J'aime prendre les photos...


lazy cat

I took photos of my pet cat, Orange. Not really artistic shots, but I was so impressed with the poses he gave me. A for effort. So check them out.

Then yesterday, Hon and I were at Gray Area Studios for Arvin Yason's Lighting Class. Alvin was his apprentice for the day. I was the model. :) After the class, Arvin let us use his camera and the lights setup used in the class. So Alvin was able to take his very first portrait shots with a pro SLR and complete studio setup. Thanks Arvin! We had fun, and Alvin learned a lot.

anne anne anne

More photos here.

We changed the title and the look of our blogger site, too. Thanks to Tito Noel, Hon's dad, for giving us an idea for the title.

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