Wednesday, October 14, 2009

M-150 Unleashed!

When going to the gym becomes an absolute chore (and believe me, it does), it helps to boost your energy with a bottle of M-150. This morning I did just that. I had a resolve to exercise 5 days straight this week, after loading up on carbs during the weekend. So when I woke up this morning without the usual stamina, I gave myself a push with M-150. Thanks to their product manager, Anne Bernardo, for the stash of these great-tasting energy drinks in my office. My radio show partner, Jada, and I guested her on our show last month to promote the event they were launching.

This event was the M-150 Unleashed Northern Adventure Race that I wanted to join myself. I talked about this on a previous blog entry. Incidentally, Wave 891 was the official radio partner of this race. I wasn't able to register, but my co-djs and Turbo Time hosts Lindy Magnaye and Mike Potenciano were able to join. Luck them! Long drives excite me, and I found the idea of driving from Manila to Baguio to Subic absolutely thrilling! But I couldn't go so I had to settle for live updates over Wave 891 and race results posted on

For those not in the know, the M-150 Unleashed Northern Adventure Race was perhaps the most exciting motoring event of 2009. It was a strategic race with checkpoints, which you needed to finish in the least time and within the limits of the law. The pit stops were situated in Manila, Baguio, San Fernando, La Union, Dagupan and Subic.

The race happened last September 19. Around 50 teams participated in the event. I remember that particular Saturday started with bright sunshine until early afternoon then it started pouring like crazy until evening. I was following the race updates on the M-150 website. The rain was beating down so hard that afternoon that the teams could hardly see the roads. But the weather did not stop them from getting to their destination. A team or two ran out of gas during the race. And an empty gas tank wasn't the only obstacle. Some teams were already running on empty stomachs later in the day and couldn't wait to get to the finish line. It was an awfully long drive but M-150 kept their energies running steady.

The big race was capped with an equally grand party in Subic. I'm sure the happiest faces that night belonged to the winners. Team Dorifto and Team Gateau de Manille placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively. The team that bagged the 50K grand prize and bragging rights as the Champs was Team DKC, made up of Arnel Carlos and Nino Sarte. I don't know them but congratulations to you, guys. You can guest on my show anytime. :)

It was one helluva road trip! I bet it was tiring but super fun! Too bad I missed it. But I remember their product manager telling me that M-150 might plan another race after this. Now I have got to join that! Also, since Jada and I are such running fanatics, we suggested a marathon for the next M-150 event. It would be perfect because M-150 is a fantastic energy drink that helps fuel up runners and people who are constantly active. (Speaking from experience.) I'd definitely sign up for that!

You can check out the M-150 website for more updates and photos. I took the liberty of borrowing a few snapshots from the site to post here.

Congratulations to M-150 for a very successful event. We'll be geared up for the next race!

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