Thursday, December 11, 2008

The element of Surprise!

The reason why I love giving gifts to people is I find so much happiness in seeing their surprised faces once they've opened the present, or even before opening, if your gift caught them unaware. The element of surprise.

Which made me think, now that we're talking about it. When was the last time I got a surprise? Aeons ago, I believe. Most of the time I'm the one giving out the gifts and surprises, to others and to myself. Probably because I was raised to be a bit more independent than the usual, even if I live with my folks. I buy my own clothes and shoes. I buy my own stuff. I bought my own cellphone, Ipod, laptop. I bought my own car. Heck, I even threw my own surprise birthday party this year, and surprised everyone who thought it was a surprise! And although this gives you a strong sense of freedom and fulfillment, sometimes you wish you could be the one at the receiving end, too. It would be nice to be the one holding the gift from time to time, with that look of happiness, excitement and surprise on my face. All this Holiday frenzy reminds me that I'm gonna wear my Santa Hat again and spread the elements of cheer and surprise with my sack of goodies. I'm not complaining. Just wishing that another Santa would come down my chimney, too.

Hmm.. I think I'm gonna buy me something special this Christmas. Sshh.. It's a surprise! Don't tell!


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