Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The year that was...

Finally bidding 2008 adios. Adieu. When I look back on what transpired during the past year, I am amazed at myself on how I’ve made it through the toughest challenges of my life. Most of the time, I was busy spilling my guts out as I rode on emotional rollercoaster rides again and again. And because of painful experiences, some parts are a blur. I only remember bits and pieces of this and that.

All in all, 2008 was “carry lang.” Not very fruitful, in terms of work and rakets. Very much abundant in outlook-altering events.



My 29th and my very 1st McDonald’s party. Where only my truest of friends attended. The others can give me their excuses, but I really don’t give a shit.


French 1 class of UP Diliman

I learned French! C’est magnifique! And in the process, I have gained new friends.


French 2 class of UP Diliman

I gave something back to my highschool alma mater. My time and my knowledge.

Radio Workshop at Holy Family School

Radio workshop at Holy Family School, conducted by me and my besty, Len.

I flirted, and since for a time I was single, I was free to flirt carelessly and fearlessly. The most exciting part was when they flirted back.

I went through a wrecking breakup. Which was an eye-opener, so I don’t really regret it or any of the events that followed. True friends came to the rescue. New people came into the picture. Several realizations, of which the biggest is this: My dad is my strongest, fiercest, most loyal ally.


I traveled! Hopped into a plane (and a ferry) many times this year.

Shanghai, China...



Mactan, Cebu...






I have a billboard! No, I am not ON it, but my words are. Conceptualized Aescultura’s newest billboard. Become better than beautiful.

cam queen

I fell in-love with photography. Completed a photo workshop. Managed to take great shots this year. Rewarded myself with a new camera.


Maximizing your point and shoot photo workshop by Michelle Morelos and Arvin Yason.




Tagaytay. Photography by Anne Asis.

I officially became a businesswoman, with the birth of our very own events company – Events At Play Events + Prod. Inc. Powered by a dynamic team. With three projects accomplished since we started in September. Go Team EAP!


We got back together.


They say all relationships go through one major drama. If you get past it, you’re good. Here we are now. We made it.


I am blessed with so much. So much, indeed!



Not really sorry to see the old year leave. I’m quite excited to usher in 2009. Crossing my fingers, hoping and praying that it will be a better year. Here’s to more joy, love and laughter, friendship and togetherness, bountiful blessings for ’09. I’m turning 30, too! Here’s to an older but better, more learned, stronger and more f*cking gorgeous Anne in ’09!

Happy New Year!

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