Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wave 891's Beauty and the Beast

December 16 at the Makati Sports Complex.

For this year's TRPI Network Party, the theme was Disney Movies. And so Wave 891 presented a fantastic version of Beauty and the Beast.

Hurray for Wave 891

The Main Cast:
Eri - Handsome Prince
Jerome - Beast
Monique - Princess Belle
Anne - Peasant Belle
Jimmy Muna - Gaston
Janice - Mrs. Potts
James - Cogsworth
Marlon - Lumiere

All smiles

Props to the props!

And look who both bagged Best in Costume awards!

The Belles

The Peasant Belle and the Princess Belle. Yey! :)

We were only 1st runner up. But we had a blast performing, and we all bonded together, so that was good enough for us. And Wave 891 had the pinaka-bongga presentation! Hurray for Wave 891! :)

More pics here.

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