Sunday, December 7, 2008

Props to women who are strong enough to go...

I don't think I want this anymore,
As she drops the ring to the floor.
She says to herself, "You've left before,
This time you will stay gone, that's for sure."

Normally this would be
The time that she
Would let him talk her out of leaving,
But this time, without crying,
As she got into her car, she said,

"No 'Happily Never After'
That just ain't for me.
Because finally,
I know I deserve better,
after all I'll never let another teardrop fall."

As she drove away she starts to smile,
Realized she hadn't for a while.
No destination, she drove for miles
Wondering why she stayed in such denial.

She inhales a breath she'd never breathed before,
Don't want no drama no more.

- Happily Never After, Nicole Scherzinger

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