Friday, June 5, 2009

Dear Daddy...

I saw this entry on PostSecret...

...and I got teary-eyed, my heart going out to the person who sent this. I think it's terribly sad to never be able to feel a Dad's love for his daughter.

I know for a fact that there is no other guy in the world who will love you the way your dad does. That fierce, unconditional love that does not age or fade or wither. I know this because I have found that kind of love in you. You've stood by me all these years, even when I'm old and strong enough to stand on my own. When I'm at my happiest, you always smile and feel proud of me. When I'm down and broken, you're the first one who gets hurt, the first one who voices out plans of retribution - and sometimes they're so silly I laugh despite the tears. When someone tries to break me, you always say I'm the better person, and I believe you.

I'm lucky because I don't know how it feels like to send my dad a package and a letter and have them returned to me unopened. Whenever I give you something, you eagerly open it and say "thank you...thank you very much!" I'm lucky I have you... a dad who's like no other!

Your little girl...always,

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