Sunday, June 14, 2009

On a running high!

Vin and I woke up at 4:20 am to get ready for the 1st PTAA Charity Fun Run we were going to join. All set to sprint, we headed on to UP Diliman to register. We got there around 5:40, and tough luck, registration was already closed. A lot of runners were still arriving, ready to join the run. But the organizers didn't accommodate us anymore. The bad thing about it was the people in charge of the registration weren't very nice and friendly, and were not the least bit apologetic that they couldn't let us in anymore. We woke up early and drove all the way from wherever we came from just to be part of the event. A lot were pissed off, others surprised that they were actually rejecting participants (and rejecting our money) when the race hadn't even started yet. Baduy diba? What's really irritating is that the registration cut-off time wasn't stated in the web page where I saw the info about this event. Had I known the time, I would've gotten there before 5:30.

So to the organizers, especially to that bitchy lady in the registration area, you guys are really disappointing.

Since my beau and I were already there, we decided to just have our own fun run. Which turned out to be a lot more fun, too! We were going to join the 5km race, and instead we ran 7km on our own. Burned more calories pa! Saya! 6km was spent running / jogging / brisk walking. The last km was spent strolling at a leisurely pace, holding hands, making kwento, cracking jokes, dissing the PTAA race and laughing out loud. Alvin said maghuhubad daw siya sa harap nung finish line nila, in protest. Pero siyempre he didn't do it. Although he would've loved to tell the bitchy registration lady, "Ikaw ba ang matron of honor dito?" Hahahaha!

We bought taho and soy milk after finishing our run. Then off we went to the UP Diliman Coop to have breakfast at Rodic's. Skinless longganisa, fried egg and fried rice - da best! I wanted to take pictures, but I forgot to bring my cam. Next next Sunday na lang, when we join the GIG Run. I enjoy taking photos while running. And Rodic's definitely deserves a spot on my blog.

Bah! So what if we missed the real race? Our own fun run was so much fun-er!


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