Friday, June 19, 2009

Hurray for friends!

It was like "catching up with friends" week this week. Tuesday, I had lunch with Mareng Ida and Tita Mags at Outback Libis. The last time I saw Tita Mags was during my birthday party last March, so you can just imagine the level of chikahan that we did.

Chicken wings, pasta and grilled meats, hard rain pouring outside, and the quiet ambience of the restaurant - perfect place for three good friends to chatter the afternoon away.


Wednesday, lunch with Mareng Jeje. And yes, just like Tita Mags, last time I saw this good friend of mine was during my birthday party. Hmm.. where was I anyway? I think it's not healthy to skip seeing your friends regularly. Anyway, we met up and made kwento over really good shabu shabu na parang walang katapusan at hindi nauubos. Like manna from heaven, according to Jeje. Hehe. Winner ka talaga, mare. :)

One thing I love about this amazing gal is her sincerity. She's genuinely happy for me when good things come my way. She's sad when I'm sad. She's such a delight to be with. And she exudes so much positivity, which is rare to find in people nowadays.

At sa sobrang pagka-immerse namin sa kwentuhan namin, I forgot to take pics. Sorry, mare. Next week, when the three of us meet up for lunch - you, me and Len. :)


Finally, today, I met up with my besty. After her Singing Bee stint, she appeared on national TV again, on Kris Aquino's bingo show. Sensational ka, bespren!

Very, very late lunch at The Block. We took a walk at the new Sky Garden, and it was actually my first time to see the place before night time. When I arrived at the Sky Dome during the Radio Music Awards, it was already dark and it was hard to appreciate the architecture. Quite impressive, it was. So much better than Trinoma's open fountain area. The restaurants are open until around midnight, too. So it's another good spot for gimmicks during the weekends. Kudos, SM! Now if you can just do something about your mall directory...

We donated our smiles to the Sony Ericson Smile promo. If you happen to pass by the long stretch of photos displayed at The Block, sige nga, hanapin mo yung picture namin doon. Trip lang. :)

Anne: Uy, may picture kami ni Alvin dito! Hanapin natin.
Len: Sige.
(Mahaba yung display and there were like hundreds of photos there)
Anne: Ano ba yan, ang dami!
Len: Ano ba 'to, Annej, ang dami pang mga "shungerks" dito.

Hahahaha! Shungerks! Buti na lang hindi tayo kasali doon, bespren! Mapang-lait talaga tayo!


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