Saturday, June 6, 2009

Splashin' Style!

Hello, rainy season! It's been pouring cats and dogs non-stop this week. The weather's drab, but that doesn't mean your looks should be, too. That is why I have this conveniently situated near my bedroom door.


Raingear fashion for this chick who's always on the go. Before I head out on a rainy day, I skim through this rack for the perfect jacket or shawl to match my outfit. Yes, of course, your jacket MUST match your outfit! For me, at least. :)

These are some of my fave picks:


Like the classic LBD, every girl must have a trench coat. This one I got on sale a few years back. Such a steal!


My beau gave me this in 2004 or 2005, if I remember it right. And I still love it until now! Bright red and sporty make one hot chick in short shorts or jeans. :)


My most expensive jacket! I got this for free when I hosted their Streetdance Battle event about four years ago. I believe this was worth around 12-15K. One of the perks of being a radio personality, the freebies are endless! Wheeee! :)


For those really cold days, this wool jacket is perfect. My sis, Adie, got me this during one of her HK trips. I love the faux fur!


This one I got in China, when I was there with my girlfriends last year. Cool, hip and young! And I probably got it because of the word "Happiness" on it, because during that time, happiness was elusive. Hehehe. I remember mareng Kat reminding me to check kung tama ang grammar ng nakasulat. Madalas kasi hindi. :)


This has been in my closet for ages, too. And it spells c-h-i-c! :)


And of course, I also have some fab picks from my clothing sponsor. Thanks, Tita Mags! :)

I have jackets and sweaters in light pink, hot pink, blue green, dark green, red, purple and black. Cardigans, denim, knitted, etc. Most of them were purchased on a whim, when I'm on a movie date and I forget to bring a jacket. And when I'm too tamad to slip into these things, I bring a shawl, choosing from yet another colorful stack.

It really is so fun being a girl...rain or shine!


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