Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Stricken with a bout of insecurity, she cried her heart out to him, apologizing for not being beautiful. But he shakes his head, holds her face in his hands, and looks in her eyes with so much love.

"You ARE beautiful," he whispers. "You're beautiful. And smart. And intelligent. And successful. And I'm proud of you."

And in that moment, she knew. She was the most beautiful woman in the world.


People say he was lucky to have her. But really, she's the lucky one.


They say love is sweeter the second time around. It's true. They would know - she and him. They fell apart. They lost the love. They started to lead separate lives. But separation was the catalyst that brought about the re-birth of a better, stronger love.

Now, they're inseparable. They understand each other better. They share more interests and do more things together. They hold hands tighter than before. Each embrace, each kiss, each caress, speak of more passion and intensity. This time, they know, it's for real. It's for good. It's forever.

You lose your way sometimes. But you find yourself in the process. They lost love once, and found forever back in each other's arms.

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thess17 said...

hi djanne!thess here,your "fully booked-photo-op" fan..hehehe..i so can relate. same love story as mine.got married just last month. :) cheers to love! :)