Thursday, March 31, 2005

Baguio and birthday blessings!

Baguio hosting 2
Went to Baguio during the holy week for a 3-day hosting raket for Smart Buddy. My beau went with me. We brought his car…I drove from QC to Tarlac, then he covered Tarlac to Baguio. The event was EXHAUSTING! I think that was probably the most tiring hosting job I’ve ever had. I had to do voice-over and hostings from 1pm to 11pm, for three days straight! Whew! Talk about draining every drop of energy in your body. Good thing Hon was with me. We went sight-seeing in the mornings, posing for pics at Mines View and the Botanical Garden, checking out the silver shops and trying out restos that are only found in the city of Pines. I’ll post some pics from his camera soon. Best meal we had was in Camp John Hay…Rancho something. We had ensalada, grilled liempo, adobong pusit and this fish dish that Hon tried...sarap! There was also this place called Matutina’s Seafoods. Great chow in that place, too. And grabe so very cheap. :)

The staff house we were supposed to share with the entire production team wasn’t quite what I expected it to look like. I was thinking of a summer vacation place. Nice cozy house, nice cozy beds, with enough room for everyone. But it wasn’t, and the bed they gave for me and Vin wasn’t even big enough for my beau. So we decided to get our own hotel room. Jon (Vin’s pal) and his family were staying at the Baguio Village Inn, and told us there were still rooms available. We just transferred there. We had to pay 1,100 for each day we spent there. But that was fine with us. At least they had a bed that’s big enough for the both of us. :)
Gising 1
Although I wouldn’t exactly call it a vaca, because I was working most of the time, I still enjoyed the trip. I met new people, made new friends, had new experiences, and spent four days and four nights with my man. The best!

Funny conversation with my beau while we were driving to Tarlac on our way home…

Anne: Mga taga-probinsya sex ng sex. Lalo na pag ganitong mainit.
Vin: (laughing) Pano mo naman nalaman?
Anne: Eh tignan mo naman. Puro bahay lang nandito. Wala na silang ibang pwedeng gawin.
Vin: Ang galling naman ng theory mo, honey.
Anne: Syempre. Sa manila, pag mainit, sabihin mo lang – ANG INIT NOH? PUNTA TAYONG MALL. Eh sa probinsya, alanganaman sabihin mo – ANG INIT NOH? HALIKA MAGTANIM TAYO. Kaya magse-sex na lang sila.

Then we laugh. :) And laugh some more as we sing Basil Valdez songs while on the road.

March 28, I turned 26. And my siblings say I am OLD. In some ways, I do feel old. Especially when I see kids I used to know looking all so grown up now. But I’m enjoying my life. I may not have big plans for my future, but I’m enjoying what I have now. I’ll let the breeze take me wherever, knowing and believing it can only take me forward.

I got a lot of texts and greetings from the nicest people and the truest friends. Feels great to have your cellphone ringing and beeping every 5 minutes. :) I treated myself to hair spa, manicure, pedicure and foot scrub. Then Hon took me shopping at People R People in Shangrila (Yehey! Shopping!) We ended the day with a Japanese dinner and coffee-and-cake-dessert with my family. I got really nice gifts from my folks. Dad gave me a nice, big shoe rack (something I’ve always wanted to buy), Mom gave me a really nice Adidas sports bag (which I can use when I go to Bora next week), my sisters Adie and Andrea both gave me really sexy tops, and my bro gave me new pajamas. :) My birthday was simply wonderful, spent with the people I love. And I have yet to meet up with my besty this week, and have a videoke night with Mareng Ida and the Wave boys.
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Thank God for another birthday, and for making me see just how lovely life is.

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