Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Goodbye McDo!

Tumataba ka.

Nobody's ever said that to me in a long, long time. Now that I'm hearing it again, it feels frightening. I feel like I'm trapped, and I'm panicking. I feel awful now everytime I eat anything that I think is fattening. McDonald's is now such a terrifying place to go. I'm scared of that big yellow M now, and I remember all the obese Americans in SuperSizeMe everytime I bite into a burger.

Now that people have noticed, I realized that I HAVE gained a pound and centimeters on my waist. I guess there's no one to blame but me. For a person who doesn't exercise, I can't afford to binge on sweets and fast food. But for the past month, I've been snacking on M&Ms and potato chips while watching DVD, and I've been eating fast food about 3 times a week. Very, very bad eating habits lately. My clothes still fit, but I'm not as confident.

So now I've made a pact with myself. I will shed off whatever I gained. I've stacked our pantry with cans of tuna chunks in water, mackerel in natural oil, noodles and nuts. No rice, just wheat bread. Sashimi will now be a staple. Donuts are enemies. Limit steaks to once a month. Italian food once a month. Only 0%-fat yogurt for dessert. Beverage list contains only water and tea - peppermint, green, jasmine, black and ginseng. Absolutely NO MCDONALD'S!

If I absolutely HAVE to eat something fattening in a day, I'll make it up the next day. Whew. Wish me luck! :)

And, enroll in a jazz or street dance class real soon. I felt inspired to dance after watching Shall We Dance. :)

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