Monday, March 7, 2005

I don't want to look CUTE!

Conversations with a colleague this morning...

Uuy...tumaba ka...
Oo nga eh...nagdi-diet na nga ako eh.
Hindi noh. Cute nga eh. Bagay sa iyo.
Ngek. Di rin! Gusto ko yung super thin talaga.
Okay lang yan noh. Bagay talaga. Cute.

Hmm...I don't think I wanna be labeled as "cute." Cute is for kids. I want to be skinny. Skinny is for adults. Skinny is sexy.

I've been really very disciplined during the past week. Haven't eaten anything fatty, save for the chips I ate yesterday because I was feeling depressed. Oh Lord, this is like constant punishment. I hope I can do something about this extra flesh that I will never, ever find "cute."

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