Friday, March 4, 2005

My 2nd TV commercial!

While watching Extra Challenge last night, I saw the 15-sec. commercial I voiced for Smart. It's about Luke Mejares downloads, and I had to do a sexy tone for that. I felt my heart race, and I felt so happy. My first TV ad was for Cafe Puro, but I wasn't able to catch that. So when I saw the Smart ad last night, boy was I happy! :) My mom and my younger sis Andrea were watching with me, and when the ad aired, I proudly said - "Ako yan!" :) I quickly texted Grace (talent caster for Ad Farm) and told her that I just saw the Smart Ad, and thanked her, too, because she was the one who submitted my voice for that. If you chance upon that Smart/Luke Mejares 15-seconder, the female voice is mine. :)

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