Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Life goes on...

Missing my dad so much. It's so different when he's not around.

But my mom deserves an award for her efforts - doing the office work and being mommy at the same time. We don't have cooked meals to enjoy during some days because of her busy schedule, but that's alright. We were talking a while ago over the steaming hot noodle soup I made for dinner, and she was telling me about this employee of ours who's just so f*cking stubborn. My mom's not the kind of person who would raise her voice when angry, or say unkind words when you do something wrong. But with this employee, I told her, she needs to be tough and show them that they can't mess with her. Give them a really hard bonk on the head. Say mean things if she has to. It's not a good way to discipline people. But if one employee is really being an ass, probably because she knows my Dad is in the US, then I think it's about time my mom borrowed the harsh, hurtful cuss words I have in my vocabulary bank. Mom told me she's tired na and she doesn't want to work anymore. She'd rather stay at home and be tired doing the laundry and gardening and cleaning, rather than working in the office. I told her I can go with her next time, to help with whatever work she has to do, and to do the reprimanding if she's really not up to being mataray.

My dad is doing fine in El Paso. He's having the time of his life with his dad and sisters. Eating, sleeping, watching movies...that's his life now. Until the 14th. Can't wait to see him again! Miss you, Daddy!

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