Sunday, March 6, 2005

A blessing from nowhere...

We found a cute kitten in our backyard this morning. I heard it crying last night, and it came from our Korean neighbor. The poor animal probably wants to escape from their cruelty. Imagine, they punched a little hole on the kitten's ear with a needle and thread! How cruel can you get? So now the kitten is with us. I named it Little Happy. Why Happy? Because I bet it's happier now with us. And Little Happy made me happy today. The weekend's been boring and it's a lonely, unhappy Sunday for me. Finding the kitten was like finding a little ray of sunshine, something to smile about. I'm bitten by the "blues" bug again. I'm looking for a bit of excitement in my life. Sparks. Fireworks. I think I need my girlfriends to save me. Or probably a new hobby. I'm gonna start scouting for dance classes before I drown in this feeling of boredom and depression. Sending a whisper of thanks to God for giving me Little Happy today.
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