Monday, March 21, 2005


I have succeeded in doing one of the bravest things – watching a movie by myself. To some it may be a normal thing. But for someone who doesn’t like being alone, and who thinks eating alone in a restaurant makes you look pathetic – catching a flick by my lonesome self was quite an achievement. I think that was a Monday…I went to Shangri-La to watch Hostage, which stars Bruce Willis. I sat comfortably with my legs curled up under me, and a big bucket of popcorn all to myself.
Hostage was good. Although at the end, it left me with unanswered questions. Over-all, I’d still say it’s a must-see for this month. Bruce Willis won my heart once again. If you liked Tears of the Sun, then you’ll like him here, too. He effectively becomes the character in Hostage, and your heart just goes out to him, especially in all the scenes where he gets teary-eyed with compassion, and love for his family.

Mareng Ida was right. Going on a movie date with yourself does feel liberating. It actually feels great! Still, I must admit, nothing beats enjoying a flick with your man’s arms around you in the cold theater.

After the flick, I went to Makati to audition for this new telenovela project under Dream Satellite. It’s a Spanish show that we’ll be dubbing in English. Then I met up with my besty for late lunch and our usual feel-good talks and updates at Café Breton.

My dad is back from his US break! Mom and I fetched him at the airport last Wednesday. I borrowed my beau’s car, and boy am I proud to say that I drove to the airport with just my mom (who doesn’t know how to drive) and no one else to guide me.
airport 3 airport 1
I made it! What an achievement! My dad gained four pounds, which isn’t surprising because all he did there was eat and sleep. And he bought us really nice pasalubong! :) In the pic, you’ll see him browsing through his laptop and showing us the photos he took in El Paso.
airport 2
Friday and Saturday…we were at Robinson’s Place Pioneer, doing remote broadcasts on their 3-day summer sale and the Wave stick-on events. Mareng Ida (Jada) and I were assigned to do Pioneer. The place isn’t as big as Galleria, and the stores are all bargain boutiques with very, very few branded shops. But they gave us lots of food, and the marketing people were nice to us. We still had a great time. I’m glad I was assigned there with Jada. If I got stuck with someone else, I probably wouldn’t enjoy the 2-day gig.
rob pioneer me and ida
Saturday…I bought a new bikini for my Boracay trip. Yup, I'll be hosting the Wave Summer event in Boracay on April 9. I went to SPF and got myself a striking blue two-piece. I don't care if my tummy isn't bikini material. I will wear this bikini!
bora suit
Honey and I went on a movie date. We went to Shangri-La and tried their very expensive VIP theater. 295 pesos per head, for a Dolby cinema, and unlimited popcorn and drinks. But I liked it, and I’d say it was worth the bucks. The reclining seats were much more comfortable than the ones in Eastwood. And I LOVE the movie we watched – Oscar best pic Million Dollar Baby.
me and vin
The Clint Eastwood film is really a million dollar masterpiece. No wonder it grabbed the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars. A story that’s silent but intense. No heavy drama, and yet you feel the raw emotion. Your heart goes out to the lead characters – Eastwood, Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman. Even the poor guy they called “Danger.” The movie has received a lot of wonderful reviews, but you’ll appreciate it even more after you’ve seen it. It’s an incredible movie, deserving of all its awards, and one of the very best that Hollywood has created.
Sunday…my besty and I went to ABS-CBN to catch the stars of ASAP. No, not for autographs, but I was going to take videos for the Wave Anniversary AVP. Unfortunately, the show was taped and the stars were already on vaca. So we had coffee instead, and headed to Let’s Face It to get a facial. And as always, I enjoyed the day. :)

Now it’s back to work for me. We’ll be shooting for the AVP later. Rye and I will be doing our scenes today. I’m excited about the anniversary concert. It’s going to be even bigger and better than last year’s event. I worked on the AVP script all by myself this year. Garry said he’ll ask for a budget for that. I was thinking of asking for Wade GCs. My shoe-fetish is at it again.

The Wave Anniversary Party 4
April 1, 2005, 7pm
Eastwood Citywalk Central Plaza

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