Monday, March 14, 2005

The weekend that was...

I hosted Wave 89.1's STREET DANCE CHALLENGE at the Basement in Libis. Rye was co-host, and Mareng Ida (Jada) and Mabel were there, too. It was quite a success. Two groups didn't make it for some reason, so we had seven groups left to compete for the 40K worth of Nike gear. Two groups from UP Diliman won 1st and 2nd place, and Miriam landed on 3rd. My sister Adie's group didn't make it to the Final 4. They were one point away actually. Too bad. They danced so much better than the girls from Mapua. My sister and her friend Marla have been in a lot of competitions already. They've won prestige, new friends and a 2004 runner-up award. But because the whole contest was based on audience impact (the decibel meter was the only judge), Adie's group didn't make it to the Final 4 because only a few friends went to cheer for them. (BETTI - BAKIT WALA KA DOON? HMP!) But I'm proud of their group. They worked hard, practing for a month! And I'm proud of the other groups - from UST and UPLB - they were really good, too. I'll post some pics soon.

Didn't do much. I cooked pork and chicken adobo for lunch (one of my specialties) while doing my home exercise routine. After sweating it out for half an hour with my dumbells and yoga mat, my adobo was done and my family ate it all up. I settled for chicken breast, a small piece of pork, no rice, and mango yogurt for dessert. Yum!

Then my sisters and I went on a salon date. We all had hot oil treatments at David's. It was fun and relaxing!

Dad is coming home soon! Yehey! He's arriving on Wednesday. I borrowed my beau's car so I can pick him up at the airport. Can't wait to see my Dad again! :)

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